About find my cleaners

We aim to introduce you to a great new cleaner.

We have cleaner's in your area looking for new clients. Please search our cleaner profiles and get in touch with those that suit your requirements.

Free To Use

Find My Cleaners is completely free of charge for a client to use. Just sign up and you can view our cleaners and contact them straight away!

Rated Cleaners

We encourage clients to leave honest reviews of our cleaners. This gives the next client a great preview of the service they are likely to receive and in return helps boost the cleaner's rating.

Great Service

We offer all our cleaners advice and guidance on how to operate their own business effectively and the latest cleaning tips to enable them to offer you the best possible service.

Why Use Find My Cleaners?

We recognise that inviting a stranger into your home is a big deal. So with this in mind we aim to help domestic cleaners promote their services to you in a clear, concise, honest way. How many times have people asked on social media for recommendations of cleaners, only to be bombarded with messages from individuals asking you to message them, or friends of said cleaner recommending them simply because they are friends but never having used them. You have no way of assessing their quality or having any genuine upfront information of their services.

Find My Cleaners aims to make the search for a cleaner much easier and clearer. We have provided each cleaner with an easy to use profile page where you can clearly see their services, know if they have an insurance policy, weather or not they are DBS checked and view any reviews they may have. From there you can make the first contact via email.

What's In It For The Cleaner?

Having had a successful cleaning company of my own, I can really identify with those cleaners just starting out or at a stage where they are wishing to grow their businesses. Find My Cleaners looks to invest some real time into these people and although they remain fully responsible for their independent businesses, we look to offer them advice, training, special offers on equipment and support in general, in turn, meaning you as clients are offered the best service possible.

Almost everyone I know either has a cleaner or is looking for one. If you already have a great one, we would never suggest you switch, although we do have cleaners willing to cover short periods such as holiday gaps or time off sick. Or if you are looking for a new cleaner you are sure to find the perfect match amongst our profiles.

How does find my cleaner work?

We want to make things as easy as possible for you to find the perfect cleaner.

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We’ll use your UK post code to find cleaners who are working in your area.

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Filter different options to narrow down cleaners more relative to your needs.

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Are you a cleaner?

Give your cleaning business a finished look by creating an amazing profile, tailored to you that you can share on social media at the click of a button or when anyone simply requests your information. Let us help you maintain a steady stream of clients, whilst helping to provide you with a polished, professional on line image.