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Welcome to our "Example" cleaning Company - Maid's to measure!
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Example Cleaning Company

Area Covered:

Swindon, Wiltshire

DBS Checked:

We are DBS checked


We have valid insurance.


From £15.00 per hour

Business type: Agency

Welcome to our cleaning agency. We cover all areas in Swindon and have many cleaners to suit your needs. Whether you live a hectic family lifestyle or have a super busy high flying career we can make sure we fit your requirements necessary to look after your home's cleaning!

Services Offered

We have many different services that we can offer. The ones listed are literally just off the top of our heads! Just ask, if we can do it, we absolutely will.

General Cleaning

If its just keeping on top of every day things that you need, we have a general cleaning option that would be great for you! Bathrooms, kitchen, vacuuming, dusting... Consider it done.

Dog Walking

Yes, we are happy to walk your dog! We are not professional dog walkers but we love pets and are happy to spend half an hour stretching your favourite pups legs while you are out - on the lead only

Bed Changing

We all all love a fresh bed right? The floral smell, the crisp sheets... nothing better after a hard day. We can absolutely do this for you, just leave the required bedding on the end of the bed that requires changing and like magic it shall be done!

Fridge Cleaning

This is a time consuming job, but it is a necessary one. An extra cost will be quoted for this.


Here at "Example" Cleaning Company we are very lucky to have a team that are happy to work all sorts of hours to suit you and your needs. We fully understand that for many reasons you may not want us to be cleaning in the day time so we offer night time cleaning and early mornings, not to mention weekends. Lots of spaces available. May be an extra charge for unsociable hours. Please enquire.

Products & Equipment

We are extremely happy to supply our whole team with Henry hoover's. This saves us time in having to figure out where your vacuum is and how to use it effectively. We also provide steam mops. We feel these are a fantastic way to clean your floors without having to use chemicals. These, however are not great for all floors so please let us know if you have a specialist flooring. We bring our own cloths too. If you would rather us use your equipment though, it's no problem, please just say.

We're eco-friendly!

We are super proud to be able to say all the products we use are eco friendly. This is so much better for you and your pets, asthma sufferers, children, as well as being very efficient at killing germs and getting through tough dirt and grime. We make them all ourselves and can provide a full list of ingredients on request.

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